Commercial Pressure Washing

Due to the high humidity and tropical weather surfaces are often left with mold and algae growth along with a buildup of dirt and grime. This affects the overall appearance of your business making it look unkempt and neglected if ignored.

Our experienced pressure washing professionals are licensed & insured. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with customers and we make sure that they are satisfied with every visit. We provide pressure washing for your property in Bonita Springs and Estreo.

just some of our commercial services...

  • Fence Restoration

  • HOA Communities

  • Investment Properties

  • Parking Lots

  • Parking Garages

  • Drive – Thru Cleaning

  • Storefront Cleaning

  • Restaurant Cleaning

  • Gum Removal

  • Construction Clean-up

  • Gas Station Cleaning

  • Warehouse Cleaning

Parking Lot and Parking Garage Pressure Washing

Parking Lot and Parking Garage cleaning at Lioce's Pressure Washing. We know that first impressions of your business can be made before your customer even enters your buildings. If your parking garage, parking lot, walkway or sidewalks are in bad shape, this could make a difference in how potential tenants and customers perceive a business In an effort to save money, some parking garage operators may choose to delay cleaning their garages. Although this may seem like an easy cost to rule out, parking garage owners should consider the benefits of parking garage cleaning, and the potential liabilities for not performing routine maintenance depending on your parking garage’s cleaning needs we will work with you to define a parking garage cleaning maintenance plan that meets your needs and fits within your properties budgets.

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Storefront Cleaning

First impressions are everything. The exterior of your business is your first impression to your customer. It is the first thing a customer sees when they arrive at your business. And an unkempt exterior can possibly drive away potential customers. Storefront pressure washing is one of the most important services that a business can utilize to make their location appear clean and professional. From your awnings to your building and your concrete sidewalks to your windows. We are South Florida’s premier choice for store front cleaning. We use steam pressure washers and state of the art equipment to make your storefront shine and attract the eye. Our highly trained staff is capable of working with buildings of all sizes and designs when it comes to pressure washing and making them look brand new again. A clean storefront can completely change the way your business functions. Your business contributes to the community through hard work and great service, but you can also contribute to the appearance of the community by keeping your business looking amazing.

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HOA Communities

Lioce's Pressure Washing offers South Florida homeowner associations professional pressure cleaning services in Lee County. For property managers, managing and maintaining multi-unit dwellings is more than a full time job. Whether it’s a multi-unit apartment building or homes, at Lioce's Pressure Washing, we understand that large scale cleanings requires large scale attention, and care. Of course we are available for one-time cleanings, but we specialize in periodic scheduled cleanings. Once we have agreed on a time interval for your community’s cleanings, Lioce's Pressure Washing will take care of the rest. Our top-of-the-line pressure washing treatments are sure to get your sidewalks clean and looking like new. Lioce's Pressure Washing is about quality service at reasonable prices. We offer a wide variety of services for all of your community needs including sidewalks, gutter cleaning, exterior buildings, pool decks or patios, guard houses and playgrounds.

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